the blue jewel of the Caribbean

A marvelous stone as turquoise-colored as the Caribbean Sea, as dark-blue as the sky of the island where it comes from: Hispaniola, the Caribbean island, which is subdivided into the Dominican Republic and Haiti, an island of which Christopher Columbus said that it was the most beautiful country he had ever seen and which, nowadays, is he only known place all over the world where this extremely unique precious and healing stone is to be found.
The Larimar owes is name to is discoverer, Sr. Miguel Mendez, who found this precious stone in the nineteen seventies, and named it after his daughter „Larisa“ and the world „Mar“, which means sea.
Many myths and legends connect the „Larimar“ with the sunk continent of Atlantis-therefor it’s also called Atlantis-stone.
Beside ist worth as an exclusive and very rare precious stone, and beside is almost magic play with light and color, healing powers are also attributed to the „Larimar“.
It also plays an important role in jewel science. Edgar Cayce ( described the stone and also named is mystic qualities.
The „Larimar“ is mined by native workers in the Dominican Republic today; the workers go down into holes below ground, after with less than one diameter, which are often several hundred meters deep.
There is no physical or chemical treatment of the stones, all the stones are same as they come out of the mines, 100% natural originals. This we guarantee you. In the process of making The stones into jewels they are only cut mechanically and polished with a certain kind of powder, everything done by hand.
With the „Larimar“ you get a real rurity for yourself and, at the same time, you take home with you the Caribbean easy- going of life. In this precious gem The joy of life of the Dominicans, (the ….), the sun, the white sand and the turquoise Caribbean Sea are reflected Wear the „Blue“, wear „holiday“ around your neck, around your wrist – the exclusive blue jewel from the Caribbean.