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Exquisite Natural Clear Smoky Green Amber solid .925 Sterling Silver Earrings 37.0mm

Exquisite Natural Clear Smoky Green Amber .925 Sterling Silver Earrings 37.0mm

Stone size: 17x11mm
Weight: 3.5g | 17.5carats
Clearness: CLEAR
Stone Color: SMOKY GREEN
Stone: AMBER

Sku: C-44-2218

Important information about blue amber and amber in general!

1. Blue amber is amber with blue pigments that become visible under certain conditions.
2. The color goes from green to dark blue or pink.
3. Ambient light should contain UV rays, e.g. in direct sunlight with a dark background or a very intense white light, e.g. B. from a flashlight or the light of a mobile phone with a dark back
4. if the amber is very thin or not pigmented enough, the blue color can still be made clearly visible by illuminating the amber from one side.
5. In rooms, especially with windows with UV filters, the amber yellow remains brown, even on a rainy day, you won't see the blue color

Other properties of amber

7. Amber is a resin, not a stone, which means it will burn if you hold fire on it
8. Amber sinks in fresh water and floats on salt water (if our amber sinks in salt water, it will eventually float as long as salt is added)

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  • Model: C-44-2218

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